Sargent Steam Cleaner

Get Your Whole Home

Insanely Clean – Wicked Fast

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sargent steam cleaner

Steam Cleaning is…
And Way More Fun!

Clean Easier

Make cleaning a breeze with a Sargent Steam Cleaner

Sargent Steam Cleaner

  • Very user friendly and simple to use
  • No nasty stringy mops
  • No buckets of dirty mop water
  • No rubber gloves
  • No water dripping down your arm
  • No wringing out dirty rags
  • No climbing on ladders
  • No scrubbing
  • No crawling around on your hands and knees

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Clean Healthier

Watch and learn how a Sargent Steam Cleaner
protects your lungs, eyes, skin – your whole body
from harsh toxic cleaning chemicals

Clean Better

1 Sargent Steam Cleaner, 1000’s of Uses

  • Clean and sanitize every surface in your home
  • Restore tile grout to its original color in one pass
  • Melt through even the greasiest oven-stove-barbecue
  • Remove smeary fingerprints from stainless appliances
  • Steam clean every type of flooring without chemicals
  • Blast debris from hard to reach cracks and crevices
  • See your windows and mirrors sparkling clean and streak-free
  • Take anything you own from dingy to dazzling wicked fast
  • Ready to clean it like you mean it?

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Clean Cheaper

Do your budget a favor…buy a sustainable
Sargent Steam Cleaner once and use it for decades


Even $50.00 per month in cleaning supplies pencils out to over $9,000.00 in 15 years!


Save thousands over what you’re currently spending on all those harsh, toxic, consumable, disposable, expensive cleaning chemicals.

Clean Faster

Cleaning with Sargent Steam is a breeze

  • Steam kills germs and bacteria on contact in 2 seconds
  • 300 degrees just melts grease-grime-wax-sugar-whatever
  • Clean, dry, buff and polish hardwood floors in one step
  • Skip the endless scrubbing – let steam do your work for you
  • Clean blinds and screens without taking them out of the window
  • Get it all insanely clean and get on with your life
  • A Sargent Steam Cleaner cuts all your cleaning jobs down to size
  • Get a Sargent Steam Cleaner for your family today!

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Clean Greener

Lighten your load and the burden on the planet

sargent steam cleaner greener

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Have Way More Fun Cleaning!

with a Sargent Steam Cleaner

Sargent Steam Cleaner Lisa


I wish my wife would have had this Sargent Steam cleaner 50 years ago. It’s given her back her independence. Now she actually whistles while she works!
- satisfied steamer husband


Every time I get my steamer out I get a huge grin on my face. I know I can clean my home to my standards without wearing myself out in the process. I just want to know where this amazing machine has been all my life?
- satisfied steamer


Clean It Like You Mean It!

See a Sargent Steam Cleaner in action!

Sargent Steam Cleaner – the indoor power washer that blasts stuck on, burnt on, dried on dirt from even the hardest to reach cracks and crevices like tile grout, toilet seat hinges or window tracks.

- A Sargent Steam Cleaner Totally Changes the Cleaning Game