steam cleaner ceiling fan

Steam Cleaner Ceiling Fan

Steam Cleaner Ceiling Fan… Sargent Steam Cleaner gets your ceiling fan blades clean and dust-free without a ladder. Stand comfortably and reach even the tops of each blade.     Sargent Steam Cleaner Ceiling Fan…   The ceiling fan in my bedroom spins 24/7. I…

how to clean a motorcycle

How to Clean a Motorcycle

How To Clean A Motorcycle A Sargent Steam Cleaner melts away boot rubber from tailpipes, bugs of the windscreen, brake dust and road tar off the tires. Watch this video for a brief introduction about how to clean a mototcycle with a Sargent Steam Cleaner….

My Kid Has Cancer

Our friends Ryan and Teddy Sternagel’s son Ryder has been fighting Neuroblastoma cancer for the better part of his precious little life. We’re so glad they have been able to use Sargent Steam to keep Ryder’s world clean and sanitized without harsh toxic chemicals.  …

sargent steam cleaner plumbers helper

Sargent Steam Cleaner Plumbers Helper

Steam Cleaner Plumbers Helper… Sargent Steam Cleaner gets your sink drains gunk-free without chemicals. Blast food, grease, from kitchen drains. Eliminate slow drains in the bathroom where hair, shampo and soap clog up the flow. Sargent Steam Cleaner Plumbers Helper… I have really long hair…

Steam Cleaner Faucets

Steam Cleaner Faucets

Steam Cleaner Faucets… Sargent Steam Cleaner gets your faucets gunk-free without chemicals. Blast stuff from even the hardest to reach areas where food, grease, mold and mildew collect.     Sargent Steam Cleaner Faucets…   What is that stuff that collects in the seams where…