Steam Cleaner Ceiling Fan

Steam Cleaner Ceiling Fan…

Sargent Steam Cleaner gets your ceiling fan blades clean and dust-free without a ladder. Stand comfortably and reach even the tops of each blade.


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Steps to follow – Sargent Steam Cleaner Ceiling Fan:

  • Attach the Diamond brush covered with a clean white cloth
  • Swivel the brush to the upside down configuration
  • Add extensions (as many as you need) to reach the top of the blades
  • Hold the blade in place with another stick (a broom handle works here) so it doesn’t run away from you
  • Start with one blade and work your way through each one
  • You’ll be picking up dust and stuck on dirt at the same time
  • Change your cloth as it becomes too dirty
  • Vaccuum up any dust that escaped your cloth from the floor beneath the ceiling fan
  • If your ceiling fan has a light fixture, steam that part clean with the bare nozzle
Sargent Steam Cleaner Ceiling Fan…
qoteThe ceiling fan in my bedroom spins 24/7. I just sleep better with air flowing. I turned it off the other day so I could change the light bulb and I was mortified! I have never seen so much dust caked on anything in my life! The edges of each blade were disgusting. The vent over the motor was solid.
I vacuumed the loose stuff along the blade edges but there was a grimy film stuck to every nook and cranny. I heated up my Sargent Steam and turned my diamond brush upside down so I could steam the tops of the blades. The cloth came away filthy! I changed the cloth and steamed the blade undersides too.
I switched to the nozzle with a cloth-covered brush to unclog the motor vent. Then I cleaned the light fixtures and bulbs and dried them with a microfiber. Took about 5 minutes!
The whole fan is now sparkling clean and runs much more smoothly and quietly.

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