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As a doctor and a single mom, my family’s health is my top priority. My Sargent Steamer kills germs – not my family. Sanitizing with steam instead of bleach or ammonia keeps us all safer and healthier.

- Dr. Laurie Patterson - Fairplay, CO

qoteI am a man and I do clean toilets – I just don’t do it without my Sargent Steam cleaner. Nothing makes our home look, feel or smell cleaner.

- Kirk Duncan - Herriman, UT

qoteMy favotie thing was when I had to clean up a duplex after the renters had moved out. That greasy hood above the cook top was a mess! Sargent blasted it clean in no time! My Sargent Steam Cleaner reviews are a definate 5 star rating!

- Dian Thomas


I love my Sargent Steam on my tile grout. It’s the only thing that works. I used to take forever – scrubbing on my hands and knees and now it’s so easy. I honestly don’t know how I ever got along without it.

- S. Meyer, UT

qoteI love my Sargent steam iron! It’s saves me so much time and so much money at the dry cleaner and I don’t need all that yucky starch.

- Shelly J, UT

qoteMy daughter was born with SCID’s which means she had no immune system. Sargent Steam is the only way we could keep our home sanitized well enough to bring Emily home from the hospital.

- Jill H.

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qoteMy Benjamin (6 years old) pulled out the Sargent Steam after dinner on Sunday. He didn’t particularly care to watch the football game and decided to do his kitchen trash can cleaning job. Then he says “I don’t want to put it away yet, I have other things I want to steam”. So far he’s done the outside of the dishwasher, part of the stainless steel sink, and now he’s doing the washing machine. He told me when he’s done with it, it’s going to look brand new.

Partway through he looked over at me while I was sitting here at my desk and said: Before we had the sargant steam, our house was dirty… now… (insert sound as if starting to sing hallelujah, and raising hand high holding steamer) it brings power to the house!

He’s cracking me up. I wish I could write down everything he’s saying about steaming and the steamer. It is so funny. Here it is almost 10pm and he still wants to keep steaming!!!

Just thought you’d enjoy! Thanks again.
- K. Mitchell, Tennessee

qoteThank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you!!!!!!! I just finished cleaning a 3 bedroom mobile home that a couple of “bachelors” had been living in at a fishing resort – it took me about 30 hours worth but everyone was shocked and oh so pleasantly surprised at the results! And on top of that, we needed to sell it and we did. One of our relatives who had seen the “before and after” bought it “on the spot”! True story! Thank you for a great steamer! Gratefully,”

- Joan - American Fork, UT

qoteEvery time I get my steamer out I get a huge grin on my face. I know that cleaning will be a fun and enjoyable time instead of a dreadful and boring time. Thanks Sargent Steam for such a wonderful product!

- Heather Page - West Valley City, UT

qoteNow I LOOK FORWARD to housework!

“I’m a tech head. I love computers and electronic devices. So what makes cooking and other housework enjoyable for me are the tools I can use. My Sargent steamer and iron make the chores enjoyable. You have testimonials from folks on your website who say the same thing.

Thanks to your products, we LOOK FORWARD to our housework- for me that includes ironing. The efficiency of the iron and the board turn out perfectly pressed clothing quickly, so much so that we’ve discontinued taking clothes to be professionally laundered. That’s one huge bill we’ve been able to omit!

- Darlene A. Sylvester, Layton, UT


My company specializes in cleaning apartments. My competition has not yet discovered the almost endless advantages of cleaning with a SARGENT! I recently purchased four more SARGENTS because they are so user friendly and trouble free. They are well worth the money.

- Charli McGhee - Alexandria, VA


I am writing this in regards to my new Sargent Steam Cleaner. I have been very impressed with the machine. It is so user friendly. I have used it from the front of my McDonalds lobby to the back of my freezer coils! This year on my FOR (Full Operations Review) I received a 97.1 in cleanliness which is a high for my store. I know that my steamer made the difference. My maintenance man used it daily! I have been very happy and impressed with it and recommend it highly!

- Brody Coates, South Logan McDonalds

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What we really loved were things that are very hard to clean (i.e. rust in our shower from an old shower stand) became manageable. What I didn’t expect was that it’s FUN – so much so that I found myself cleaning things I would never think about cleaning: doors and door frames, window frames, walls, etc.

I was surprised how I felt after – if I had spent all day yesterday breathing chemicals (especially the harsh ones it would take to get the rust off the shower), I wouldn’t have felt very good, not to mention the potential impact on my long term health.

I will say that there probably is nothing else that could replace getting one’s hands on the machine and using it in your own home.

Everything that I touched after cleaning with the BRZ2 felt cleaner than it’s ever been before, and that’s something that you really just have to experience.

Can’t thank you enough!

- Michael in Boston

qoteI had a mess with some window screens that had ivy growing all over them. The aphids had gotten in the ivy and incidentally left a sticky mess all over my screens. By using my Sargent Steam I tackled the screens and had them clean in a fraction of the time and effort!

My kids have grown up with my Sargent Steam cleaner – they don’t know any other way to clean.

- Lisa M.

qoteMy son and his family lived with me for about 4 months and all that time, my granddaughter had a bed wetting problem that I never new about.

By the time I discovered it there were so many rings and stains I thought the brand new mattress was ruined. Since some of the stains were 4 months old, I knew it was too late for just baking soda (my usual trick) to lift urine to the surface. So I decided to try some Shur Kleen and my Sargent steamer. It took a me few times to get the mattress completely clean but I couldn´t believe how well it took care of the whole problem!

It got all the rings and stains out and the smell was completely gone. I was so happy! Sargent saved me from having to replace this new mattress and now no one has to sleep in a toilet!

- Teresa Robinson, Preston Idaho

My Sargent was the best investment I could have ever made.

I own rental properties and don’t know what I would do without my Sargent to help when someone moves out. I took some photos of one on my rentals and even I was amazed with the results. My Sargent has paid for itself about 20 times. If you’re a property owner or property manger, you gotta get yourself a few of these machines.

Thanks Sargent Steam!

- Vicki Honey Orem, UT

qoteSargent Steam Cleaner ReviewsHere is a dramatic before and after photo I thought you might like to see. It is on my campground bungalow after the renters moved out. I don’t think anything was ever cleaned in the seven years they lived there! It was so bad I thought lighting a match to it and letting it burn to the ground was the only answer.

I was just sick when I saw the buildup from the smoky wood-burning stove that covered everything. I was sure the acoustical tiles would have to be replaced and the wood paneling was beyond salvage. I could never have painted over the filth and it looked like I would have to spend thousands of dollars replacing all these damaged surfaces.

I would not have believed the results the steam cleaner produced if I had not seen it with my own eyes. I didn’t have to replace the acoustical tiles because the soot came right off the with steam. The buildup on the wood paneling steamed right off and the cinder block wall came virtually spotless even in the holes and mortar.

The best part about cleaning with steam is the SMELL IS GONE…not just covered up with chemicals or perfume.

I just love my Sargent. I honestly don’t think I have ever made a more important investment. I saved enough on this one project to recoup my entire steam cleaner investment. I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to the fabulous tool!

- Bonnie’s Hidden Haven Campground Park City, UT

qoteSargent Steam Cleaner ReviewsSargent Steam Cleaner ReviewsSargent Steam Cleaner ReviewsI was having a BBQ at my house this summer with the whole family. My cute grandson was getting ketchup out of the fridge and dropped it on my tile floor and it exploded. He looked up at me and said “it’s OK grandma, you have a steamer.” We all laughed and laughed because it was so true.

I have no idea how I would have gotten it clean without my Sargent Steam.”

- Martha Baker, American Fork, UT

qoteMy oven had not been cleaned in about 2 years and I thought it would be impossible to get it really clean again. I was sure some of the grease was on there permanently.

Imagine my surprise when my oven looked brand new within two hours time. There was not a particle of dirt left. My oven was sparkling! I was so impressed that I took pictures to show before and after.

I have been having a great time sharing my experience with Sargent Steam with family and friends. It has been such a pleasure to show everyone my clean oven.

Thank you for having such a wonderful product.
- Sherrie Guthrie

qoteIn addition to our three teens and all their friends, our two BIG hairy dogs that spend a lot of time in the house, and our never-ending remodeling projects my cleaning challenges are immense!

My new steam cleaning machine makes my job at home so much easier, faster and most of all cleaner that it has ever been before.

Thank you for such a great product. I don’t feel so overwhelmed at the tasks before me because I know I can get the cleaning job done quickly and them have some time for fun and relaxation!

- Elizabeth Miller

qoteI have had my wonderful steamer for less than a week. I can’t believe the dirt that I have discovered living with us in my home. I have used my Sargent everywhere. It has been an absolute lifesaver for me. With my chronic neck and back problems, I can’t scrub and having children with asthma I am very concerned about using chemicals that cause toxic vapors which may have serious side effects.

With my new steamer I have been able to steam away grunge using nothing more than pure clean water and sometimes mild soaps. I have cleaned everything from my car, my stove, my fridge and freezer (without defrosting) my trash compactor, garbage cans, tile floors, plants (real and artificial) and my most precious jewelry.

I could go on and on! The iron has been wonderful. With its steam power I can simply steam out wrinkles where they hang. What a timesaver!

Everywhere I look I get the new idea for cleaning up my life!

- Deanna Chandler

qoteMy daughter Heidi has a 1995 Nissan Maxima. She keeps it clean, inside and out. She sees me doing so many cleaning projects with the Sargent she asked if it could do anything for her engine. One Saturday morning we thought we would give it a try.

My husband thought it would take forever to clean an engine but it was done in less than 10 minutes. The Sargent cut right through the grease and grime. A quick rinse in the engine looked great!

- Jeannie Dayton

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The Sargent Steamer is really an amazing thing. I especially like the way it does wood floors, makes the wood feel clean. I like it on tile, the windows and mirrors are great. Probably the main thing I can say about the Sargent is that I thought I was going to have to replace my bathroom shower – the steamer made it sparkle like new!

- Judy Earnst


We are owners of rental condos and before we had the Sargent Steam, cleaning the condo between tenants was hard work. There were places to clean that we just couldn’t get to and now we get to all the hard-to-get-to places. It not only cuts our cleaning time in half, but we know that when we are through cleaning, everything is spotless and sanitized.

We never want to go back to our old way of cleaning!

The Sargent Steam is great for spots on carpets, window frame tracks, window blinds, stoves, fridges, everything in the kitchen and bathroom and anything else that neesds cleaning.

- Roger Gillespie

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