My Kid Has Cancer

Our friends Ryan and Teddy Sternagel’s son Ryder has been fighting Neuroblastoma cancer for the better part of his precious little life. We’re so glad they have been able to use Sargent Steam to keep Ryder’s world clean and sanitized without harsh toxic chemicals.
Check out their blog to see what fighting cancer the natural way looks like.
Here’s a YouTube video Teddy shot to show you how she’s keeping her son healthy through his cancer treatment.
The My Kid Has Cancer website is a journal of their fight to save their son. If you or someone you know is battling this sentence, “My Kid Has Cancer” you will find a whole bunch of advice from those who’ve been through it first.


The choices you make when cleaning your home can either leave you in a swimming pool of carcinogenic chemicals or instead, natural and more importantly, safe (usually) plant extracts (but I’ll discuss other safe options as well). It’s that simple and it really is one or the other. Since you usually can’t see any evidence of residue after your cleaning products have dried and you hopefully at least end up with a cleaner object than what you started with, it’s easy to let yourself think that these things don’t hang around after you’ve used them. But they do. In every inch of your house, with every ingredient, good or bad, that they contain. On that note, my definition of clean goes beyond “shiny” now. I’m not exactly sure how to put it but “not chemical-laden” would be a good start. When I see my kid crawling around on the floor and putting everything into his mouth that will fit, I feel a lot better knowing that he’s taking in something like vinegar and a few other God-given ingredients, rather than bleach or other man made perversions of nature.”- Ryan Sternagel

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