Bubble Boy Baby Success Story

Bubble Boy Baby Success Story


qoteWhen we first discovered Emily had SCID’s (the immune deficiency many people call “bubble boy disease”) I knew our lives were going to change dramatically.
Germs and bacteria that might give me a cold or the flu are deadly to her. The importance of keeping a clean house took on a whole new dimension.
We had a choice…clean like crazy for hours every day or never bring Emily home from the hospital. We couldn’t bear to isolate Emily from us so we had to find the fastest, most effective way to truly sanitize our home every day.

I’m so grateful to have found Sargent Steam. With this machine, I can sanitize everything she touches…everything around her… quickly and easily.
There is nothing faster or more thorough than the clean I get with steam. My home looks and smells clean and if you wanted you could eat off the floors. Now my Mother
and sisters have Sargent Steam machines for their homes so Emily can go visit them.”
Jill and Emily Heaps from Lehi, Utah


While you may not be facing the challenges of a bubble boy baby, your family deserves to live in the cleanest healthiest environment you can provide.


Sargent Steam Cleaners can sanitize the bathroom from top to bottom including tub, toilet, and sink.
Imagine your shower after it’s been steam cleaned. Your kitchen countertops, cutting boards, knives, appliances, cabinets, sinks, and faucets will be cleaner than and shinier than they have ever been.
Steam keeps all types of flooring including tile, hardwood, marble, linoleum, cement, and carpeting clean enough for crawling babies. Espcially a bubble boy baby.  
The versatility is limitless. Try to think of another single tool that lets you accomplish as many things as Sargent Steam Cleaner. You’ll use it every day on one thing or another and Keep your family healthy and happy. Get yours today

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