House Cleaning Schedule

Everyday House Cleaning Schedule (15 minutes per day)

house cleaning schedule
Living Room

  • Recycle junk mail/newspapers/empty bill envelopes
  • Put away shoes/socks/purses/backpacks/jackets
  • Fold blankets used on the couch


  • Make beds
  • Organize clothes (clean and dirty)
  • Put away shoes
  • Tidy nightstands


  • Hang up towels
  • Dry chrome bathtub fixtures with a microfiber cloth
  • Squeegee glass shower door after the last shower
  • Put away all cosmetics and hair care products
  • Use glass microfiber cloth to wipe off vanity and water splashes from the mirror


  • Load dishwasher or hand wash/dry/put away pans
  • Always go to bed with an empty sink
  • Wipe off counters and stove top
  • Take out trash if it contains food remnants
  • Organize counter tops – let no clutter accumulate

Weekly House Cleaning Schedule (2-3 hours per week)

Living Room

  • Vacuum carpeting
  • Steam dust from furniture, lamps and plants


  • Change sheets
  • Vacuum carpeting
  • Empty trash cans
  • Take out recycling
  • Laundry duty


  • Steam toilets/tubs/showers and sinks
  • Steam clean mirrors
  • Steam clean floors
  • Empty trash cans
  • Replace towels/rugs with fresh towels/rugs – launder the dirty ones


  • Steam clean floors
  • Steam appliance and cabinet fronts
  • Steam clean sinks/faucets/garbage disposal
  • Steam clean stove top – spot steam clean oven
  • Steam away doggy nose prints/children’s fingerprints from glass doors
  • Steam kitchen sink window/blind/track

Monthly House Cleaning Schedule (6-8 hours per month)

Living Room

  • Steam clean heating vents/change furnace filter
  • Spot steam clean carpet high traffic areas
  • Sweep front porch – steam clean front door inside/out
  • Steam clean the ceiling fan blades
  • Organize the coat closet


  • Steam clean or vacuum heating vents
  • Steam clean mirrors/picture frames
  • Vacuum under the beds – behind dressers/nightstands
  • Spot steam clean carpet high traffic areas
  • Reorganize three drawers and one closet in the house


  • Steam hairspray overspray from walls and doors
  • Steam tub/sink drains with Plumber’s Helper
  • Detail tub/shower enclosure with steamer
  • Steam the fan vents and heating vents


  • Steam clean refrigerator, toss anything out of date
  • Steam clean the cooktop hood/vent/backsplash
  • Steam clean trash compactor or trash can
  • Clean out and organize one set of drawers
  • Clean out and organize one pantry or cabinet shelf

Deep House Cleaning Schedule Twice a Year (1 day per month)

Living Room (January & July)

  • Steam clean the whole carpet
  • Steam clean the windows/blinds/window tracks/sills
  • Steam clean the baseboards and door frames

Bedrooms (February & August)

  • Steam clean the whole carpet
  • Steam clean the windows/blinds/window tracks/sills
  • Steam clean the baseboards and door frames
  • Steam clean and flip the mattresses
  • Launder or dry clean the bedspreads

Bathrooms (March & September)

  • Detail tile grout with steam
  • Clean medicine cabinet – toss if out of date
  • Steam clean the baseboards and door frames
  • Launder the shower curtain – steam the liner

Garage/Shed (April & October)

  • Sweep out garage with broom or leaf blower
  • Organize snow/lawn machines
  • Clean and organize garden tools

Kitchen (May & November)

  • Wipe out the inside of cabinets and drawers
  • Clean refrigerator on top/underneath/coils
  • Wash walls with steamer
  • Steam clean appliances inside & out (stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, washer/dryer)

Yard (June & December)

  • Gardening or Holiday decorations
  • Rain gutters

This house cleaning schedule system is my suggestion because it really works for me. It may or may not be perfect for you so tweak it until it is.

Depending on the size of your family, whether or not you have pets, how much entertaining you do, how much time you spend traveling, etc., simply adjust the frequency and intensity of your own Power House Cleaning schedule to fit your needs. Trust me, any system is better than no system.

Initially, it may sound like a lot of work but remember, we are taking steps to avoid OVERWHELM. Believe me on the “keeping up is easier that catching up” thing. If it’s handled in your weekly house cleaning schedule it’s fast and easy. If it waits until next Spring, it’s a huge project.

Keep this schedule on your fridge and follow them for a month. See if you don’t have less stress, less mess, more time for fun things and a happier, healthier family. Then call me and tell me how it’s going. I love to hear feedback from my fellow Power House Cleaners!

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