How To Clean A Bird Cage With Sargent Steam Cleaner

How To Clean A Bird Cage With Sargent Steam Cleaner –
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my pets. Over the years, my family has bonded with our dogs, cats and especially our birds. Our love birds are beautiful but their cage can get quite messy. Between the smell of their food and the droppings that collect at the bottom of the cage (not to mention the unseen bacteria and parasites!), I went crazy trying to keep my bird’s cage clean.

For years, I got frustrated when cleaning the birdcage. I tried commercial cleaners, but they gave me a headache and made me feel nauseous! After one particularly bad migraine, I told myself I was done with chemical disinfectants.

If these smelly chemicals were causing me problems, I could only imagine what they were doing to my little birds. That’s why I’m so glad I have my Sargent Steam cleaner BRZ2 that cleans all my household items including Loeb and Leopold’s cage without a single chemical.

Now I’ve got the whole process down to a science. While my steam cleaner is heating, I clear out the food and put the birds in their mini cages. I use the steam nozzle with a cloth over the soft 2 inch brush for cleaning the bars.

When that area is clean and grime free, I attach the diamond brush and clean up the bottom of the cage. It works perfectly. The dried on food and bird dropping residue is gone in minutes! So are the unseen germs and bacteria that cause the bad smell.

Finally, I use the steam to clean their feeding dishes and water dispensers. After these short and simple steps, my birdcage looks and smells as new as the day I bought it. I love using this machine! I think my little birdies love it too.

My BRZ2 has provided me (and my birds) with a safe and healthy cleaning method that is environment friendly and oh so effective. I loved my birds before but now I love them even more since Sargent Steam has made cleaning up after them so pleasant and easy.

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