Steam Clean Tile Grout

Steam clean tile grout with a Sargent Steam cleaner and you’ll never have to crawl around on your hands and knees with a toothbrush or bleach again!

A Sargent Steam cleaner just blasts away whatever has collected in there.

Return your tile grout to its original color the fast, easy, chemical-free way

Watch the video – see how to steam clean tile grout

Steps to follow to steam clean tile grout:
  • Attach the 1 inch stiff bristle brush to the steam nozzle.
  • Use 2 extensions to stand comfortably to steam clean tile grout on the floor.
  • Use 1 or 2 extension wands as needed to steam clean tile grout on walls without a ladder.
  • Rub the bristles across a bar of soap – it really speeds up the process.
  • Any kind of soap will work so use whatever you have in the shower.
  • Use the low or medium steam pressure setting. High just blasts the soap away from the grout lines where you want it, wastes pressure and makes you run out of water 3 times sooner.
  • It’s the heat and moisture at work here – not the pressure.
  • Steam the grout lines in one SLOW easy pass – this may look like a scrub brush but it’s not, it’s a Sargent Steam cleaner and the technique is exactly the opposite.
  • So NO SCRUBBING! – it’s counter-productive, it wears out your brushes and it will take you 5 times longer.
  • Leave the steam in one place long enough to let the heat and moisture do their job.
  • Steam your grout in sections, then soak up the moisture and blasted dirt into a cloth.
  • Keep in mind, when the tile grout is wet it looks darker than it really is – so wait until it dries to see the true color.
  • If it isn’t completely clean once it’s dry, repeat the process.
  • After you finish the tile grout, attach the rectangle brush covered with a cloth and steam clean the tile surface.

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