Steam Clean Toilets

When you steam clean toilets…

you’ll be amazed at what gets blasted out from under the hardware, seat hinges and especially where the toilet meets the floor!

Steam clean toilets and sanitize on contact so you don’t have to live with germs, worry about bacteria or search for the source of funky odors in your bathrooms


Watch this video – see how to steam clean toilets with your Sargent Steam cleaner


Steps to follow to steam clean toilets:

  • Attach the nozzle to the hose – use it bare for the tank top, flushing handle and seat hinges.
  • Touch all surfaces with the steam nozzle directly to sanitize – do not steam clean toilets with steam delivered from a distance, that’s just dusting and doesn’t kill germs.
  • Low steam – start from the top of the tank and move your way down keeping any debris moving toward the bowl where it will get flushed.
  • You may either wipe up excess moisture as you go or sanitize the whole toilet from top to bottom with steam then wipe at the end.
  • You pick the cloth – maybe a microfiber to shine and polish the tank lid, tank, flush handle and seat lid –  paper towel for the seat, bowl, base and floor.
  • Now attach either the 2 inch soft bristle brush or the white PowerPad – you don’t want a harsh, abrasive bristles to scratch the porcelain.
  • Medium steam – brush the top sides and undersides of the lid, seat, bowl rim, bowl edge and whole bowl.
  • Turn the nozzle upside down in the hose to reach up under the rim of the bowl where rust or stains collect unseen.
  • Turn the nozzle back to the normal angle in the hose – flush – steam the whole bowl following the water level as it lowers all the way to the inner drain.
  • Be aware of the diameter of your bowl drain, you don’t want to get the 2 inch round brush stuck if they are an exact match – use the square PowerPad if they are.
  • You can submerge the whole nozzle into the water – you CANNOT immerse any part of the hose.
  • Shake excess water off the brush then continue steaming the outside of the bowl all the way to the floor.
  • Remove the brush to blast debris from the seam where the toilet meets the floor.
  • If the seam where the toilet meets the floor has been sealed with caulking, move quickly so you don’t melt or warp it.
  • If the seam has not been sealed, move quickly from a sideways angle to avoid melting the wax ring that keeps your toilet from leaking.
  • Wipe up any excess moisture.
  • The more often you steam clean toilets, the less likely hard water or rust buildup will occur.
  • Now sanitize your nozzle and brush/PowerPad with the steam from the hose – alternately, buy a separate nozzle and brush/PowerPad to designate as a toilet-only tool.

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