Steam Cleaner on Golf Clubs

Sargent Steam cleaner on golf clubs…

Sargent Steam Cleaner gets your golf clubs tournament ready in no time. Restore the tack on each grip and keep the sweet spot spotlessly clean

We can’t improve your score but we can keep you looking your best on the course!


Watch the video – Sargent Steam cleaner on golf clubs


Steps to follow – Sargent Steam cleaner on golf clubs:

  • Attach the nozzle to the hose and add a soft 1 inch brush
  • Dip your brush in a bit of bar soap to speed up the process
  • Use the low steam setting to clean off dirt, grass, mud, oils etc.
  • Lay the club on a towel to catch the dirt the steam removes
  • Steam clean the grooves, sides and the back of each head
  • Then move up the shaft and restore the tack on the grip
  • Steam removes the embedded oils and dirt that are gumming up the grip
  • Wipe up moisture and shine them up with a Sargent Steam glass microfiber cloth.
  • Now tidy up your golf shoes and golf bag with your Sargent Steam Cleaner!

This from a happy golfer’s wife…

qoteMy husband came home from a round of golf the other day with really dirty clubs. He was just going to put them away but I was on a bent for getting those clubs clean.
I’d never tried my steam cleaner on golf clubs. But I figured since it had been so useful cleaning my house, I should try it. Boy did it get the job done! It looked as though the dirt was melting right off the clubs.
Once I started I decided I wasn’t going to stop cleaning those clubs until every little speck of dirt was removed. The handy brush helped me reach into every nook and cranny. In less than 15 minutes, my hubby’s clubs were sparkling like new! (None of our friends have to know they’re 15 years old)
He loved how it made the grips feel. He had been planning to have them re-gripped but decided to skip that expence. He was pleasantly surprised and oh so grateful!

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