Why Choose A Sargent Steam Cleaner

Why Choose A Sargent Steam Cleaner?

Why Choose A Sargent Steam Cleaner

Because Hospitals rely on Sargent Steam Cleaners to eliminate deadly bacteria

The Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City Utah sanitizes with Sargent Steam cleaners daily. They have effectively reduced their infectious rate to nearly zero. Patients, visitors and staff are safer as a result. Since hospitals choose Sargent Steam, you can feel confident that a Sargent Steam cleaner will keep your home clean and sanitary. No germs can survive exposure to 300 degree steam.

Because Only Sargent Steam Cleaners are Laboratory Tested and Proven Effective

Dr Richard A. Robison PhD., director of Microbiology at Brigham Young University tested Sargent Steam cleaners for their ability to kill microorganisms.

His lab results proved Sargent Steam cleaners eliminate bacteria and germs like Staph and Pseudomonis in 2 seconds.


This is extremely rapid kill rate that cannot be duplicated by chemical disinfectants.

- Dr Richard A. Robison PhD

Because steam is recommended by the Center For Disease Control

The Center for Disease Control recommends steam as the number one method for sanitizing surfaces

CDC recommends steam

Why Choose A Sargent Steam Cleaner? Because It’s Healthier

A Sargent Steam Cleaner is healthier because cleaning chemicals kill. It’s their job. Cleaning chemicals are designed to kill germs and bacteria. That’s why we buy them.

But with cleaning chemicals, the killing doesn’t stop at the germs on your kitchen counter or the bacteria growing in your toilet.

Chemicals keep on doing their deadly job as they seep through your skin and into your lungs.

Chemicals aren’t picky. They can make death quick and painless or drag it out over years of agonizing suffering. Mix a little bleach with ammonia and you can die instantly.

Breathe in 5 different kinds of oven, tile, toilet bowl or floor cleaners every week for 20 years and you may contract chronic fatigue, headaches or breast cancer.

Why Choose A Sargent Steam Cleaner? Because It Eliminates Chemicals

When we’re talking bleach, ammonia and lye, if you think just a little squirt of this and a small spray of that are not going to hurt anyone, think again.

Over 2000 household cleaning chemicals, some of them under your kitchen sink right now, do not pass the “safe to use indoors” test.

An article in East/West Magazine reports that a study in Oregon reveals stay at home moms are at 54% greater risk for breast cancer than their sisters who work outside the home. Exposure 24/7 to cleaning chemicals in their homes are sited as the cause.

Studies conducted at the Silent Spring Institute in Cape Cod Massachusetts, and researchers at the University Of California at Berkley and the University of Bristol have all concluded similar findings. Using cleaning chemicals and air fresheners likely doubles the chances of breast cancer.

This report from Common Dreams reveals shocking information about the huge rise in cancers, diabetes, falling fertility and obesity caused by common household chemicals.

If your employer exposed you to this kind of irresponsible, unsafe environment, you would sue them and you would win. Yet many unwittingly expose their own children to toxic chemical soup in their own bathroom.

Who benefits most by the switch to a steam cleaner?

Chemicals don’t age discriminate. They harm children as randomly as adults. Autism is on the rise. 150% increase in the last few decades. And in as many as 15% of cases, cleaning chemicals are the direct cause. I fear for the people who don’t see this connection.

What do you imagine will be the ultimate cost to you, your children, your health or your pets if you continue to clean your home with poisons and carcinogens instead of pure water?

This Does NOT Have To Be Your Legacy

Especially when a Sargent Steam Cleaner can accomplish better germ-killing results and keep your loved ones safe from toxic soup as a bonus.

Would you agree using a steam cleaner instead of bleach, ammonia, lye or acid does a world of good for you – your family – your world? It’s so easy to save your family from these unseen dangers.

I’m just going to say it. It’s time we were honest, people. What we’re doing to ourselves in the name of sanitation is killing us. It’s time to do something about it.

It’s time to replace all those harsh toxic chemicals with a simple to use, economical, healthy Sargent Steam Cleaner! Click the Buy Now button today

Why Choose A Sargent Steam Cleaner? Because It’s Easier

Why Choose A Sargent Steam Cleaner? Because It’s Faster

Why Choose A Sargent Steam Cleaner? Because It’s Better

Why Choose A Sargent Steam Cleaner? Because It’s Cheaper

Now that you know why, click here to buy a Sargent Steam Cleaner

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